WP Missed Schedule Fix WP Failed Future Posts

Find missed schedule posts and it republish them correctly. Checking every 5 minutes all posts that match the problem, and fixed 5 items per session.

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=== Missed Schedule Fix WP Failed Future Posts === Contributors: sLaNGjI Donate link: http://slangjis.org/donate/ Tags: sLaNGjIs, cron job, cron jobs, failed, future, future posts, missed, missed schedule, posts, schedule, scheduled, scheduled posts, Requires at least: 2.1 Tested up to: 4.8 Stable tag: 2014.1231.2016.7 License: GPLv2 or later License URI: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

wordpress plugin wp missed schedule fix scheduled posts failed on virtual cron job bug and republish them fixed 10 items each session every 15 minutes

== Description ==

WordPress plugin WP Missed Schedule Fix only scheduled failed future posts, that have this bug, and republish correctly fixed 10 items each session, every 15 minutes, without waste resources. The others will be solved on next sessions, until no longer exist: 10 items every 15 minutes, 40 items every hour, 1 session every 15 minutes, 4 sessions every hour. Work with virtual or real cron job on WordPress from 2.1+ to 4.7+ and 4.8-alpha single or multisite install - The configuration is automatic and plugin nologo! - Build 2016-12-08 - Stable Branche 2014.1231.2016.7 - This plugin is no longer available on WordPress.org plugins repository for explicit author request, but only on GitHub - no support provided on WordPress.org forum or reviews

This plugin was approved on this repository online since 2007-8-18

Upgrade to Pro Version | Beta | Gold | Support | GitHub Project | GitHub Pages - Secunia ` 275.000+ Downloads 90.000+ Active Installs

A Special Thanks to all who have Installed ` Missed Schedule is a Bug unfixed since WordPress 2.5+ to date!

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Bug Reports

Welcomed on GitHub but no bugs issues will be closed.

This plugin not decrease server performance why check the internal WordPress virtual cron job, to not waste resources, and not the real cron job of the server at scale.

This plugin check and fix only missed schedule failed future posts scheduled virtual cron job items, and no others, to not waste resources.

This plugin to find and fix all failed future posts stored in the database, using an index table for queries, with the result of obtaining fast queries and a low cpu usage (fast queries and cpu optimization): fully compliant with hyper db table query formatting.

This plugin, in order to reduce the CPU load, and do not use too many resources, repair 10 items in each session, every 10 minutes: the default value of 10 items per session, every 10 minutes, was introduced for compatibility with the default values of WordPress feeds syndication.

This plugin is designed for heavy use of scheduled future posts and rss grabbing, FeedWordPress for example, but also work well with a simple WordPress blog or for use as a cms.

The plugin code was totally rewrited for maximum compatibility with W3 Total Cache and others caching plugins, JetPack and others social publishing plugins, transparency and interference free with others scheduled cron jobs at scale.

This plugin not need others actions from the administrator except activate, deactivate or delete it: is ready to single, network multisite installations, and old WPMU 2.6 to 2.9+ (latest is 2.9.2) multi users and run on shared, dedicated, cloud and vps hosting, with high and low resources. ` Failed run when a good post goes to future.

When thou go, i shall watch for thee; When thou absent, i shall reschedule for thee; When thou think, i shall republish for thee.

Schedule run, but count the cost: The Posts won, but the Missed is lost!

Proverbs 21:39 ` Read Todo List for stay up to date on future changes … ` New WP Missed Schedule Features and Future Updates

Active Version 2014.1231.2016.7 (2016-12-08) FREE

Limited Missed Scheduled Posts Fixing per days! Preemptive Support WordPress 4.8-alpha 2017 Release Full Support WordPress 2.1+ to 4.7+ Versions Preemptive Support WordPress 4.8-alpha 2017 Release Virtual Cron Checking Interval Method Secure Key Tag Auth Support (a New Idea of sLa) Prioritization of Plugin Loading Full uninstall db Options Clean Support Check WordPress Version Requirements Before Activation Self Deactivation Features to match Requirements Translation Languages Support (basic) HyperDB Table Query Formatting Compatibility Fast Queries with index table and CPU Load Optimization W3 Total Cache and others Caching Plugins Compatibility JetPack and Social Publishing Plugins Transparency

Beta Version 2015.1231.3.0 (2015-08-28) FREE

Limited Missed Scheduled Posts Fixing per days! Real Cron Checking Interval Method Admin Menu Classic Plugin Settings Page Admin DashBoard Help and FAQ Panel

Development Version (free code in becoming) DEV

Limited Missed Scheduled Posts Fixing per days! Customization of all Plugin Options (concept only) All in One Virtual and Real Cron Method (concept only) Unlimited Missed Scheduled Posts Fixing per days! (pro) Translation Languages Support (full) (pro) Check Secure Key Tag Auth Before Activation (pro) Enable or Disable Frontend Header and Footer Log (pro) Manual Change the Frequency of Checking (pro) Manual Change the Number of Failed Posts Fixed (pro) Switching from Local GMT and UTC Time (pro) ` = Common Rules =

Action Link Cron on left when plugin is activated is accessible only with WP Crontrol plugin Active! ` Scheduled Posts Regression #22944 fixed on WP 3.5.1 is not related to this plugin. ` Nothing is written into hosting space disk wp_option table auto cleaned when deactivate or deleted No need any others actions except activate or deactivate No need delete anything from hosting when deactivate No need delete anything from hosting when deleted No need delete anything from database when deactivate No need delete anything from database when deleted No need delete anything from wp_option when deactivate No need delete anything from wp_option when deleted `

Clarifications about manual installation of the WP Missed Schedule Special Gold Edition.

Heres everything you need to know:

Thats it!

There are various versions with the time of checking variable from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

For example, you will want to install the version with a time of checking 1 hour, perform the following:

rename wp-missed-schedule-060 to wp-missed-schedule.php

Simple! = Step by Step Installation =

= For users of single WordPress 2.1+ or later (via FTP) =

  1. Download WP Missed Schedule from WordPress.org plugin repository.
  2. Upload it into /wp-content/plugins/wp-missed-schedule/ via FTP.
  3. Activate WP Missed Schedule. = For users of single WordPress 2.7+ or later (manual) =
  4. Download WP Missed Schedule from WordPress.org plugin repository.
  5. Upload it into your WordPress directly from Plugin Add Feature.
  6. It will create a directory /wp-content/plugins/wp-missed-schedule/
  7. Activate WP Missed Schedule. = For users of single WordPress 2.7+ or later (auto) =
  8. Search WP Missed Schedule from Plugin Add Feature.
  9. Install it live directly from WordPress.org repository.
  10. It will create a directory /wp-content/plugins/wp-missed-schedule/
  11. Activate WP Missed Schedule. = How to uninstall WP Missed Schedule =
  12. Disable WP Missed Schedule from Menu Plugins of Control Panel.
  13. Delete WP Missed Schedule from Menu Plugins of Control Panel.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taYO3ZWMwjI]

= What files are officially included on this plgin package? = Are included 15 files:

  1. index.html
  2. htaccess
  3. beta-version-install-instructions.txt
  4. checksum.txt
  5. dev-version-available-github-only.txt
  6. gpl-2.0.txt
  7. how-to-translate-this-plugin.txt
  8. humans.txt
  9. index.php
  10. keybit.txt
  11. license.txt
  12. no-support-gived-on-forum.txt
  13. readme.txt
  14. uninstall.php
  15. wp-missed-schedule.php

Please verify the authenticity of SHA1 Checksum on your files via checksum.txt = Troubleshooting = If all else fails and your site is broken remove directly via ftp on your host space /home/your-wp-install-dir/wp-content/plugins/wp-missed-schedule/. = Action Link Cron = Please Noted That: Action Link Cron on left when plugin is activated is accessible only with WP Crontrol Active (error: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.) = WordPress Multisite = Remenber That: if WordPress MultiSite is active WP Missed Schedule activation, and options panel, is only available on Super Admin Menu. == Frequently Asked Questions == reasons why WordPress virtual cron job fails could be due to:

= Who Translate This Plugin? =

= How can i get involved? = GlotPress translations was not supported from this plugin because:

= How to translate it? = Is possible to make translations, with traditional method, using wp-missed-schedule.pot not included on plugin package, and available on assets to reduce the size of ZIP file being served, and no waste user space/bandwidth.

After, send it to sLaNGjIs Team for approval, and publishing. Translator Credits was applied, indicated, with the name of your editor, on readme.txt of this plugin, and also on related translations page = Free plugin version support translations? = No, free plugin support basic translations: only Pro Version support full translations. = WPML is supported? = Sorry, is not supported, in any version, for now. = The WordPress Missed Scheduled Failed Future Posts Who? = WordPress comes with its own cron job that allows you to schedule your posts and events, however, in many situations, the wp-cron is not working well and leads to posts missed their publication schedule and/or scheduled events not executed.

To understand why this happen, we need to know that the WP-Cron is not a real cron job. It is in fact a virtual cron that only works when a page is loaded. In short, when a page is requested on the frontend/backend, WordPress will first load WP-Cron, follow by the necessary page to display to your reader. The loaded WP-Cron will then check the database to see if there is any thing that needs to be done.

Publish a bunch of future posts noticed that they wont publish and when time comes to go live they just turn Missed Schedule. Took a look at the Wordpress code and noticed future posts get assigned a cronjob ($unix_time_stamp, publish_future_post, array($post_ID)) wp_schedule_single_event Why dont you just look at the database and publish all posts with future status and date in past? My plugin WP Missed Shcedule looks for posts with a date in the past that still have post_status=future. It will take each post_ID and publish wp_publish_post it. = How to Work? = This plugin will check every 10 minutes, if there are posts that match the problem described. [WPMS_DELAY ,10] To not use too many resources, it fix for 10 items per session [LIMIT 10] one session every 10 minutes. All others failed will be solved in future sessions, until no longer exist. When you activate this plugin, the first 10 Missed Scheduled Future Posts are fixed immediately. All others are fixed the next batch. On some case (rare?) are also fixed live. If you have Missed Scheduled Future Posts after this plugin is activated, is not one error or bug: wait the next checking. If Missed Scheduled Future Posts persist, verify that WordPress installation is clean, or exist conflict with others plugins.

N.B. If have active others plugins with the same functions of WP Missed Schedule this is on conflict and not work. I suggest to delete or deactivate all others, clean related database options table, and use only WP Missed Schedule. In the same way WP Missed Schedule could create conflicts with others plugins with the same functions. In this case, delete or disable it and only used the others. = Dealing with WordPress Missed Schedule = If you are scheduling blog posts in WordPress and seeing a Missed Schedule message, its likely caused by an issue with your web server, or it is WordPress that is causing the problem of your blog posts not being posted as scheduled. This is an annoying problem. However, there is a very simple fix that is easy to do. The Missed Schedule problem seems to point to the web server and WordPress. The time/date comparison needs to match in order for your blog posts to get published as scheduled. If you are currently using the WordPress, blogging platform, you can easily fix the issue by modifying the wp-cron.php file which is located in the root folder. You simply open your notepad editor in Windows and search for the following line of code, which is located towards the bottom on the file wp-cron.php file.

This is the code you need to search for: update_option(doing_cron, 0);

This is the code you need to replace it with: //update_option(doing_cron, 0);

Next step is to save the wp-cron.php file and upload to your web server. However, make sure that you renamed the current wp-cron.php on the web server to wp-cron.php-org, just in case there is an issue, and you need to resort back to the original file. The final step is to schedule another blog post and make sure that it processes correctly and that it gets published according to schedule. To manually run the cron, youll need to type or paste the code below in your browser URL without the brackets yourdomain.com/wp-cron.php. If things are working correctly, it should return a blank screen. Furthermore, this should update the time/date comparison between your web server and WordPress. = The Missed Schedule Problem = The way WordPress handles scheduling is that whenever a page is loaded, either from your blog or in your admin control panel, the file wp-cron.php is loaded. At normal, if correctly configured, the server can talk to itself just fine and WordPress scheduling system will works perfectly. Its only when you start doing strange and weird things like not having DNS setup properly or blocking loopback connections then it will cause you problems. It is possible that certain web hosts are not allowing WordPress cron jobs to run but for many that is not the issue as scheduled posting was working before upgrading to WordPress 2.7.

In WordPress 2.7, the cron job design, which is the core of the scheduling engine, is significantly changed as you can from both wp-cron.php and cron.php in /wp-includes/ folder. In WordPress 2.7 wp-cron.php, there are references to local-time and doing_cron option is set to zero. This is not exist in WordPress version 2.6.5. This might be the cause of the problem as its very likely that your web server time is off by a few seconds or minutes from the WordPress official time. And doing_cron argument is set to zero making it absolutely necessary that your web server and WordPress time to match with each others in order for the scheduled post to go through. = Solutioni #1 = If you think that your web server settings is the cause of the problem, simply type this URL in your browser without the brackets yourblog.com/wp-cron.php (replace yourblog with your actual domain name) to verify. If you see a blank screen, then your web server settings is ok. You can proceed to solution #2. If you see some error pages, then kindly check with your web hosting technical staff and ask for their help. = Solution #2 = This is the solution to fix local-time and doing_cron option in wp-cron.php. If your programming is good enough, you are free to change the code and fix the issue yourselves. Remember to backup your WordPress before applying any change in production.

If youre not familiar with programming, dont worry, there is a simple solution.

  1. Download WordPress version 2.6.5 from WordPress repository
  2. Extract both wp-cron.php and cron.php file from version 2.6.5
  3. Backup your WordPress database
  4. Rename both wp-cron.php and cron.php in your web server to another name
  5. Upload both wp-cron.php and cron.php extracted from version 2.6.5 to your server = Conclusion = I hope the fix working fine for you. WordPress should really look into this issue seriously and provide a fix or help to resolve the issue faced by many of the bloggers. If WordPress is not able to publish future post at predefined time, it should recheck it periodically for several time, says every 10/15 minutes, and publish the post as soon as possible. == Screenshots ==
  6. Missed schedule - English Language Screenshot
  7. Programación perdida - Spanish Language Screenshot
  8. Planification manquée - French Language Screenshot
  9. Verpasste Planung - German Language Screenshot
  10. Programmazione saltata - Italian Language Screenshot
  11. Programmazione mancante - Italian Language Screenshot
  12. Публикация просрочена - Russian Language Screenshot
  13. Language Screenshot
  14. Language Screenshot
  15. Language Screenshot
  16. Language Screenshot
  17. Language Screenshot == Changelog == available new beta version with code totally rewrited that applies innovative method for interval of checking with lowest load server. This plugin patched an important unfixed issue since WordPress 2.5+ to date because Missed Schedule is Bug! All previous versions, before latest stable, are deprecated, no longer supported, and your distribution files silenty updated: please re-download or re-install it, based on build date, rather on version! This plugin is no longer available on WordPress.org plugins repository for explicit author request, but only on GitHub - Build 2016-12-08 - Stable Branche 2014.1231.2016.7 - no support provided on WordPress.org forum or reviews

This plugin was approved on this repository online since 2007-8-18

Upgrade to Pro Version | Beta | Gold | Support | GitHub | Secunia ` 275.000+ Downloads 90.000+ Active Installs

A Special Thanks to all who have Installed ` We always recommend upgrading to the latest version! ` Legend:

Branche is identified with year on top to first version number (2014.1231.0) 2014 for example.

Build is identified with progressive number on middle version number (2014.1231.0) 2014-12-31.

Revision is identified with progressive number on last version number (2014.1231.1) 1 for example.

Update is identified with progressive number after last version number (2014.1231.1.2) 2 for example. `

= 2014.1231.2016.6 =

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